Man collects found cash

Stash buried at work site contained $127,400

Posted: Friday, May 19, 2000

Aaron Dimond didn't win the lottery, but he did find buried treasure.

Dimond, 22, is the local construction worker who found a mysterious cache of buried cash on Nov. 18, according to the Juneau Police Department.

Dimond discovered the money during construction near the offices of Trucano Construction at 3560 North Douglas Highway, said city attorney John Corso.

The exact amount of the find is $127,400, Corso said.

The cash was turned over to Dimond's attorney on Thursday, said Craig Duncan, city finance director.

No one ever came forward to describe the container or claim the money. Police previously kept the precise amount of money secret to help them better identify the true owner. They described it as ``well in excess of $50,000.''

For the same reason, the police kept to themselves the denominations of the bills, the exact nature of the container as well as the location of the construction site where it came to light.

However, after the city's legal waiting period of six months had passed and no one came forward, the money was transferred to the city treasury.

Aaron's father, John H. Dimond, is upset that his son's name was revealed and concerned about his safety. He worries that media coverage of the disbursement will endanger his son.

``Obviously, whoever hid this money didn't want it to be found, and what does that tell you?'' Dimond asked. ``The police said they wouldn't say anything about it, but you have got to get it on the air and tell them where to get it. `Go sic 'em, buddy,''' is the message Dimond sees from the media.

``If it was your son and you felt the same way, you would appreciate it,'' Dimond said this morning. ``We had just as soon nothing had been said about it.''

In 1996, Dimond worked as a truck driver for Loken Aviation, now Alaska Seaplane Service LLC. Craig Loken bumped into Aaron two weeks ago, but Aaron gave no indication of his sudden good fortune or of planning any change to his regular routine.

``He was a real good kid, a real good employee,'' Loken said today.``If anybody deserves it, he does. He is an exceptional worker.''

Aaron Dimond could not be reached for comment.

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