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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2000

Yeah, school board. Finally a board with the guts to say that coaches no longer can publicly and privately, nor verbally and psychologically, abuse our youth for the sake of producing a winning team. This is not a current issue, this has been ongoing.

Substitute teachers need to be paid more. They are paid $10.65 an hour.

What's up with our priority mail service? I mailed something last Friday and it still isn't in Arizona. Six days is a long time.

The district says there is no money to pay teachers and classified staff. But now they are hiring a new position they created for Mr. Soboloff. How can they justify that?

Recently, a person was let off lightly for driving while intoxicated, killing a person and leaving the scene. What is happening to our society?

To the caller who said this column is really dumb, some of us agree with you. After all, you called in.

I'm curious about the statement regarding anti-capitalists being afraid of democracy. I haven't seen one single anti-capitalist statement in this column. And as for anti-democracy, that's what the initiative process is - democracy in process.

Perhaps the Friends of the Flags should receive a percentage of the head tax to keep the flags flying on Egan Drive.

I'd like to welcome the people who have already started coming into town for Celebration 2000. If you plan on being involved with the canoe races, you should talk to your corporations so the coordinators can know how many teams to expect. There will be a men's and women's division and maybe a mixed team at Twin Lakes on June 4.

Kudos to Paulette Simpson, Deb Bergmann and Jack Cadigan, and the rest of the people who support the tourism industry.

I don't want the cruise ships to disappear and I'm not against tourism. But let's be realistic and have the people in the tourist industry take some responsibility for some of the negative impacts of tourism. They should try to make a difference in the community so people don't have to feel that they have to be on one side or another. Let's work together to make things better.

Are all the helicopter companies observing the voluntary compliance guidelines?

Thanks to the 4-H and Juneau Garden Club for bringing us all the beautiful trees and shrubs last weekend.

Egan Drive has been a free-for-all for a long time. Something needs to be done before someone gets killed. When I'm driving 60 mph, people are flying by me.

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