President responsible when war goes awry

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In response to Michael Heiman ("No shame in righteous war," May 14), my view is that those who "spit on troops" are not the peacemakers but the warmongers. In these United States it is the man who sits in the Oval Office who commands our courageous fighting men and women into harm's way. And when things go awry, he is responsible - no matter how hard Karl Rove maneuvers to shield him from that responsibility.

And to John Corso ("Pre-emptive war not new," May 14) I suggest that the "buck" for what we now know is an unnecessary and illegal war of George W. Bush's choice in Iraq will sooner or later land on his desk. We may not like what militant Iraqis are doing to our troops. But keep in mind that they believe they are fighting for their "homeland security." We would do the same if we had foreign troops invading Alaska.

Our great military power does not make us a great nation any more than Rome's legions were able to protect that empire from its decline and fall. Greatness grows from righteousness (right relations) and respect for the fundamental human rights of all people everywhere. Rights which we, like all involved in wars for empire or petroleum or revenge, have violated. Have mercy on us.

Richard K. Heacock, Jr.

Executive Director



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