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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I have a dream that encompasses all the babies, children and teenagers who live and are educated in Juneau. They are the real future treasure of our community and state. What is provided and offered to them, as they develop toward adulthood, hopefully to lead satisfying, productive lives, can result in a lasting return on the local and state investment. If less is offered to them, they must accept it and be deprived of what might have been.

The generation will then continue to accept as a norm the present number of dropouts from Juneau-Douglas High School, the crowded corridors where they push and rush to the next classes, the lack of caring for others or hesitation to reach out to those who are different. Whatever the result, these youth are the future resources of this community.

The real decision is not how we trim down the cost of a quality school system. A majority already voted for the second high school and the bonds were issued, the land awaits, already borough property, with ample room for safe activities and sports, and for parking off the main thoroughfare. The potential for walk-ins from the Valley community, improved student attendance in winter weather, fewer bus routes, and an increase in parental participation in school activities will likely result from the new location.

Will residents in the area of JDHS be sad to have fewer cars parked in front of their houses? Will commuters who drive on Egan to and from work or activities be sorry to have reduced traffic congestion on the only road into town?

Yes, we urgently need the second high school as planned; the reasons have not changed. The current high school is not sufficient. Show that we care and will not procrastinate: support construction of the new school.

Dorothy J. Corrigan


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