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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm disappointed that the House succumbed to voting for the constitutional abortion that is the meth-pot bill. The actual merits of the parts of this legislation are irrelevant.

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The Alaska Constitution, Article II, Section 13, partly reads: "Every bill shall be confined to one subject unless it is an appropriation bill or one codifying or rearranging existing laws." A constitutional violation was obvious when, after the meth bill and the pot bill were combined in the Senate, arguments over its passage divided into two categories - about the meth issue or about the pot issue. It's just this sort of legislative difficulty that the above portion of the Alaska Constitution was framed to prevent. This includes the blackmail lawmakers feel when having to vote on multi-subject bills with non sequitur amendments - what's going on to this day in Congress.

Apparently, political big shots in the Murkowski administration and the Legislature have now imported some national political perversions that have enraged Americans for decades. Consequently, stay tuned for political experiences like these in the coming years:

1) Multi-subject bills, explained away with propaganda, which blackmail lawmakers into passing them.

2) A cottage industry of lawyers and propagandists that pushes plausible legislation to handle constitutional "obstructions."

3) Publicly subsidized propaganda events that show legislative failures are successes (black is white). Example: $100,000 periodically spent parading evil people caught with a few marijuana tokes to trumpet success in our war on drugs.

4) Government subsidizing the mind-altering drugging of children using prescription drugs to economically eliminate many supervisory school personnel. It'll be justified because "juveniles are stimulus-response, chemically motivated animals," according to "scientific" studies covertly subsidized by pharmaceutical companies.

Isn't arrogantly ignorant politics exciting?

Stuart Thompson


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