Don't turn our backs on seniors

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 19, 2006

I would like to thank Merrill Sanford in his effort to continue the sales tax exemption for senior citizens. He is right that our older folks should come first. They have been here or somewhere working for a longtime to help make our life what it now. This is a small benefit to them - not a windfall by any means. It is important to so many of our community and people who have gotten us where we are at this time.

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Do we turn our backs on them now? Because, well, there may be too many seniors coming up, and we can't afford anymore to give them a little break on taxes. Do we say, "Sorry about higher rising prices on fuel and everything else. You just have to deal with it"? That's a very sad view some of our elected officials take.

I'm happy to see our current outcome on this issue. I'm just afraid it's coming to the end of benefits to seniors like the longevity bonus. Let's help the people who were here before us - many need that small benefit, and to many, it's not small at all.

Hal Vaughn

Auke Bay

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