Thanks to Palin for proposing help for energy costs

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2008

This is a letter thanking Gov. Sarah Palin for proposing to help with energy costs.

Last few years it has been hard and trying times in the rural communities, and to see the young families cut off from electrical power in the start of the winter and into the early winter was very hard for me.

It's also hard to see my friends and community members wondering how they go out on the subsistence hunt and gathering because of high prices of fuel. When people make choices to pay bills or feed the family, most often the choice is to feed the family.

The price of gas and fuel are at an all-time high in Togiak at the last delivery, and fishing does not cut it anymore. Most of the time we are fishing for expenses and a very little income to pay bills, and the state of Alaska is wondering why people with the loans aren't paying them.

Again, thanks to Palin.

Moses Kritz


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