Advocacy group 'not worthy' of support

Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I read with interest the article in the May 15 Empire about the nonprofit group formed to dispel regional development myths - until I got the report that the group was formed because of environmental propaganda paid for by non-Alaskans and distortions by outside groups.

Are we to believe that people concerned with the environment are outsiders, while the mining companies, cruise ship owners and others promoting development are locals?

As a 37 year Alaskan, I consider protection of the environment to be a very important value. I also support development in a careful, planned manner; it is essential to our livelihoods. Most Alaskans share an interest in a balance of these values.

An organization such as the First Things First Alaska Foundation, formed to trivialize environmental concerns as simply a product of outsider influence, is not worthy of our support.

Bart Rozell


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