Replacing Hudson will not be easy

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, May 20, 2002

Crisis occurred at the Liston household recently when water poured into the trusty coffee maker went straight through to the counter and floor. It required digging out the old coffee maker - in storage since the time when we upgraded to the newfangled programmable model - for temporary service until a replacement could be purchased.

This is not the same caliber of crisis we in Juneau who have depended upon Bill Hudson's trusty, steady-as-she-goes representation in the Alaska Legislature, now feel. Instead of partisan political posturing, and self-serving minority coalition bickering, Rep. Hudson has always been a force for principled public service - willing to step up to the plate to do what is right and necessary for the people who have again and again elected him to office.

Unfortunately, this administration and this Legislature have finally convinced Rep. Hudson that somebody else should take a turn in that barrel we all see heading for the waterfall.

On Sunday, the Juneau Empire appropriately castigated the current Legislature for a session of "mere busywork compared to the need to address the state's looming financial crisis in some meaningful way."

Juneau's Democrats and the administration have failed to step up to the plate, while Rep. Hudson single-handedly began to work beyond partisan interests early on to address the future of Alaska and ultimately the Permanent Fund itself.

For Cathy and I, replacement of the coffee pot was a minor inconvenience and easily accomplished. For Juneau, replacement of the representation received from a former mayor who wants to be governor, to other bit players in the Alaska Senate and House fiasco, as well as Bill Hudson may not be so easy.

Donn Liston


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