Reasons to oppose new school

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2004

I vote yes on Proposition 1 because I believe building a second high school will do no good to our community and us students. They say that "for too long they have jammed us into an overcrowded facility," but what was the high school renovation for? I want to know why we spent so much money on rebuilding our old high school to make it all spiffy and high-tech instead of making it slightly bigger (meaning more classrooms and maybe even more teachers).

I sure don't feel like our high school is overcrowded (compared to the last couple years) and I think I can speak for many students in saying that having one high school is completely fine. Building the new Valley high school will not only separate friends but also cost our community. It means two basketball teams, two football teams, two everything, which soon ends up into high school rivalry and even competing with your friends. And how about the businesses that donate or sponsor school sports? Well, all I know is that I believe that the second high school shouldn't be built for many reasons.

Sabrina Javier


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