Vocal minority hides bigotry behind Christ

Posted: Sunday, May 20, 2007

I will clip and snail-mail Michael Shakespeare's most recent My Turn (May 8) to my homosexually raised heterosexual children.

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In the unlikely event that my children are too stupid to understand Shakespeare's words, I could paraphrase those words so his meaning is not lost in an avalanche of Christian heterosexual love. I would never want to jeopardize my children's heterosexual marriage through their own stupidity.

My children know that the reason they went without the financial benefits of heterosexuality is due to my own heterosexually disruptive homosexuality.

My children also know I worked two jobs, and this queer did her best against a vocal minority of bigots who are so cowardly as to hide their bigotry behind their suffering Christ.

In addition, my children know I love them too much to ever let them hang from a wooden cross until their lungs collapse. They know Christianity is an ideal shaped by the Christians around them. They know to watch out for Christians, because historically they are a warring, dangerous people who can and will force their ideals upon them.

My children know that is why we still live in America. For now, a misguided and liberal justice system continues to protect us, slightly.

My family might gather and agree to a truce after which the misguided, hate-filled Christians settle back into their pews, and my family heads back to the closet. I don't have to ask my family what we would be doing in that closet; I know we would be sharpening our swords.

Linda Orr


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