Outsiders: Jean Jasmine

Posted: Sunday, May 20, 2007

Occupation: Grief counselor and volunteer and bereavement coordinator at hospice and home care of juneau.

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Favorite Outdoor Activity: Kayaking, hiking, skiing and riding horses. For four hours a day since tuesday, she's been raking rock, hauling lumber, laying out board patterns, measuring, fitting, routing, sawing and drilling as part of the ongoing construction of project playground.

On the Construction: I work inside an office all day in front of a computer, and I have always loved building something that lasts. You can see the progress every day. I love working with a team on a wonderfully positive project, and all of the good energy. There are people here of every age and profession and walks of life. It's a wonderful mini-world.

I have two grandsons that are going to spend a lot of time here. It's a fabulous way of getting kids away from all the sedentary things that they do at home, to get them out learning how to use their bodies and keep the fat off.

On Carpentry: I've done a bunch of remodeling. Both of my sons are carpenters. I lived on a ranch. When you're on a ranch, you do everything. The organization is just incredible to see how so many people can be working on individual pieces of a project and passing their work to the next person. It all fits, that's what's just amazing - the math that has been done to create this from a bunch of poles in the ground.

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