Worker: Auke Bay is in need of many more repairs

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have worked for the Harbor Deptartment at Auke Bay, and there are many more things in need of repair than just the parking lot.

The boat ramp is a death trap for tires due to all the holes and ruts. It is the most used ramp in town. I have worked on the floats in the new dock, and I could not even drive a nail into it as it was so rotten that the nail would not hold. If it was not for the green carpet, the dock would not hold together.

A new parking lot will create more work for the Harbor Deptartment, requiring its staff to make sure everyone has paid for their parking, rather than work on the floats and ramp.

There should be an independent safety inspection on the floats, walk and drive ramps. Doing so would show that the city is wide open for lawsuits with the holes, bolts sticking up and rotten wooden decking. But that would mean that the workers would have to fix that, not give out parking tickets.

Richard Carter


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