Honesty pays off big for local man

Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2000

Suppose you're out excavating on a construction site and just happen to uncover a large cache of money. What would you do? It's the stereotypical $64,000 question; or in this case, more like twice that.

Aaron Dimond, a local 22-year-old construction worker, faced that exact dilemma. What he decided to do was turn it in to police - all $127,400 of it. For six months police investigated and waiting to see if anyone would claim it. No one did.

And so last week Dimond got a rather sizeable check. There was no guarantee he'd see any of the money, but since no one claimed it, legally it was his.

Aaron Dimond hasn't been available for comment. But wouldn't we all like to know what was going through his head when he found that money? His father, however, is upset police released his son's name. John H. Dimond is concerned about his son's safety and doesn't like all the media attention. We can understand that, but we would like to applaud Aaron's honesty.

Just how many of us would do what Dimond did? Hopefully, we all would, but it seems that honesty is becoming less and less an admirable trait. At times, like this one, too often it appears to some as stupid.

Case in point, how many people thought ``why in the world didn't he just keep that money and not turn it in, that's what I would have done?'' The fact that the media have covered it also shows it's something out of the ordinary.

There's an old adage that honesty is the best policy. It's a phrase that's been around a long time, primarily because it's true. Aaron Dimond did a pretty remarkable thing. And for that we salute him and hope we all would do the same in a similar situation.

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