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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2000

I think if you read the police blotter that you'll find most accidents in this town are not speed-related, they're judgment-related - failure to yield, tailgating, etc. If you're on Egan and there's a lot space in front of you and it looks like a funeral procession in your rear-view mirror, move over and let some of the crowd use the highway space you're blocking off.

My child is a student at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School and is on the free lunch program, and I would like to thank the administration at Dzantik'i Heeni for giving every student who is on the free and reduced-price lunch program a yearbook. My child was so happy to receive a yearbook you might as well have given him the world.

Instead of raising their already high fares, why doesn't Capital Transit consider fare boxes like most other communities?

The bubble machine at Rainy Day Books should be burst. What a tacky gimmick for a store in our historic district. Surely this isn't permitted in our city code. I hope the city stops it, if the book store doesn't.

Athletes should not have to make up P.E. time after school while traveling with the sports programs. Parents, athletes, coaches and P.E. teachers should all agree these kids give their all to games and training. Let's remove this glitch and allow them time for academics, practice, eating, sleeping and maybe even a little social life.

I had to go to a local elementary school yesterday on business and I was appalled at the number of overweight and obese children in the school. I'm calling to say parents please wake up, these children are unhealthy and they need a more active life.

The Juneau-Douglas School District should require all coaches to take a National Federation of High Schools-sponsored competency class, just as teachers are required to be certified, and I would challenged the school district to look into finding such a course that covers how a coach conducts themselves, as well as teaching the youth what they would like to accomplish.

This message is to the people that are complaining about Word of Mouth. If you don't like Word of Mouth, why are you reading it?

I just saw the real estate property foreclosure list in the paper and I was wondering what department in Alaska is responsible for that. If they would get all that money back the city wouldn't be in a mess.

The bubble machine on Seward was really nice when it was sunny, but now I'm getting tired of getting a face full of soap every time I have to walk up and down Seward Street. It's also slippery. Maybe they need to lay off for a while and enjoy it once in a while. (One other caller expressed a similar opinion.)

If the flightseeing operators agreed with the Planning and Policy Committee not to operate after 7 p.m., why were helicopters still flying over our homes after 7:30 p.m. the past two nights? If voluntary compliance lasts less than one week then I say a capital ``yes'' to the peace and quiet initiative.

How do we expect flightseeing operators to invest in quieter aircraft and at the same time take away from their income? It sounds like the objective is to start whittling away at Juneau businesses one at a time. Exactly what would that accomplish?

I think that everybody that is signing this Peace and Quiet Coalition petition should ride their bicycle to work every day so we wouldn't have so much noise. We've got too many hypocritical opinions around here.

For the person that felt he or she had to bash mailboxes all around the Back Loop, what an ignoramus. For more fun, get a lobotomy.

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