Shameful and shameless

Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2002

The obstructionists in Alaska's Legislature are disgraceful. You all know who you are - and so do most Alaskans. You serve special interests while the real business of running the state of Alaska is ignored.

Your parliamentary and legislative tricks may be cute, but do a great disservice to the people of Alaska. You defraud all Alaskans by receiving pay and per diem.

You call yourselves "conservatives" but you are nothing of the sort. You are self-serving reactionary dogmatics without courage to make responsible decisions. You cater to your selfish economic patrons while the interests of the state and the people of Alaska are "train wrecked." The damages you do now will take years to make right again. Meanwhile you have lost the trust and faith of the people of this state.

You are shameful, but apparently shameless. You are cowards. May you all get what you so richly deserve - and that is to be pitched out of office on your ears and forced to get real jobs. However, you would all be quickly fired from real jobs by acting so irresponsibly as you have while pretending to do our state's business.

Responsible legislators trying to do the right thing like Bill Hudson and many others are stymied. No wonder Bill wants to retire. I marvel at how responsible legislators have the fortitude to tolerate your egregious and selfish game playing. Those are the true conservatives of Alaska.

I call on the people of Alaska to fire you as soon as possible and elect folks who will attend to the state's business with the interests of all Alaskans at heart.

Shame on you.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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