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Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2002

This is in response to the article, "Elton's lone vote against flag resolution," written by Bill McAllister (I like his Capitol Notebook columns, by the way) in the Empire on April 30.

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Elton's is lone vote against flag resolution

Cathy Muñoz is quoted as having a hard time understanding the justification for the lone vote. I trust Sen. Elton's explanation in the article makes it clear. The term desecrate throws it into a church-state issue. Ms. Muñoz thinks it won't be a campaign issue. I think if it were to be an issue, it should gain Sen. Elton votes.

Sen. Robin Taylor thinks we need a constitutional amendment because abusing the flag tends to incite violence. I wonder if we need to protect abusers of the flag from their own behavior? I doubt that a constitutional amendment would stop the few crazies who abuse the flag. And let's not even hint that those who believe that a constitutional amendment is not necessary - the right answer to the issue - are less patriotic.

Traditionally, the Democratic Party is consider the one for increasing government, supporting more regulation. But here a Republican legislator is promoting an unneeded constitutional amendment. What will be next - Republican support for handgun control?

Ward Lamb


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