To be president, and stupid

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2004

I had an interesting encounter with a young man in uniform. Walking in the door at Foodland, a Coast Guardsman stopped me to ask if the sticker was mine. It took me a moment to realize that he was asking about the sign I had composed, printed out from my computer, and taped together in the rear window of my little station wagon. The sign reads, "President Bush, I hate what you've done to my country." "Yes," I answered. "Why don't you leave?" he said, "Why don't you go somewhere like Iraq?" "Why don't you?" I responded, realizing as I said it that it was not entirely unlikely. "I think the president is wrong." I said calmly as he walked away, "Are you afraid of that? Me thinking he's wrong?"

I respect his right to speak. I respect his opinion and I'm not bothered by his willingness to share it. I also understand the obvious, that he was speaking as one man to another. And I very much think that the president is wrong.

I think that the president is wrong to ignore, subvert, and cripple the Geneva Convention. I think the president is wrong to have invaded Iraq when the troops were needed in Afghanistan. I think the president is entirely wrong in his mishandling of post-Saddam Iraq. I think the president was wrong to let the enemy commander Osama bin Laden literally walk off of the field of battle at Tora Bora. Criminally, traitorously wrong. I believe that the president, through his profoundly dishonorable and stupid actions, has given aid and comfort to terrorists and human-rights violators worldwide. Finally, I question the president's patriotism. How can it be patriotic to be president and stupid at the same time?

I repeat my call to Congress to impeach the president of the United States and remove him from office.

Aaron Brakel


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