Money doesn't mean better education

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2004

Throwing money into education doesn't necessarily mean education will improve. This is why we should take a second look at the proposed high school. Why have a 1,200-student capacity? Why not 800? Why not look at classes first; soccer fields and architectural dreams second, or eighth. Why not renovate the decrepit Marie Drake building? Why not improve the existing school? Why not move into 7th through 9th grade junior high, and high school 10th through 12th?

For those who say that a second high school will eliminate racism, don't just put your money where your mouth is. Put your time in, too. Felicea Mora, a Juneau-Douglas High School teacher, has held dialogues on healing from racism, most recently last Thursday. She will surely facilitate many more discussions, and she is excellent. For more information, call (907) 957-0688.

Our educational difficulties can only be resolved by a community that is invested in our youth with more than its pocketbooks, but with its collective effort. If anything, the "band of naysayers" who reopened the high school discussion have given the community a chance to share constructive dialogue on our community needs, and the means we have to live by to meet those needs.

Vote on May 25. Yes or no, it's the time you put in and the thought that goes into it that makes the difference.

Ishmael Hope


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