'Sally' should no longer go forth

Posted: Monday, May 21, 2007

It's time to wrap up the comic strip "Sally Forth" and put her in the recycle bin.

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I was appalled at Wednesday's comic making light of Ted stealing a computer from his office. When the next comic didn't go anywhere toward explaining that he didn't mean it or that he was getting his comeuppance, that finished any interest I had in the strip. The comeuppance may show up in a few days, but with our short memories and occasional neglect of the comics page, it will be too little too late to do any good.

I haven't liked "Sally Forth" for some time; it's tiresome that she always, always gets the last word. When this feminist comic star first appeared in print, it was a delightful change. But that was then. It's gone on too long and is too one-sided.

Please get rid of it and bring back "Arlo and Janice." They have a very intelligent cat.

Beverly Haywood


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