Perseverance Trail is not fixed

Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perseverance Trail fixed? Not really.

Juneau's Trail Mix has made great progress in stabilizing and rebuilding the historic trail, but by solving one problem has created another. Grade, drainage and overall stability of the trail have been improved, but now rockfall in two portions of the trail invite more difficulties.

Just prior to the Horn, the trail is just ever-so undercut that the trees anchored at the top loosen in the winds and send small showers of rocks and debris down on the trail below. It's just a matter of time before someone is there to be greeted by one. The other spot is the area just recently cleaned up by Channel Construction. It too, at the top of the newly blasted cut, has much loose debris, along with the fractured blast rocks left perched above the trail.

As we try to resolve one hazard, we need to be careful not to create another at the cost of human injury. I'm not sure what the fix is - but the article in Sunday's paper stating the trail's been "fixed" isn't true.

Let's finish the job.

Bill Forrest


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