Alaska editorial: Unrepentant Vic Kohring an embarrassment to all

Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vic Kohring doesn't get it. Never did. Never will. He doesn't get that a state legislator can't collect cash handouts from the state's most powerful lobbyist.

He doesn't get that a state legislator can't ask the state's most powerful lobbyist for help paying off $17,000 of credit card debt.

He doesn't get that a state legislator can't arrange for the state's most powerful lobbyist to get a job for his relative.

There is no dispute about the facts in Kohring's case. The proof - smoking gun evidence - is right there on FBI videotape. This is not a he-said-she-said deal, where you have to weigh the credibility of the accused against the accuser.

Kohring's promise to run for office again when he gets out of federal prison is positively delusional. People in Wasilla like conservative politicians, but they don't like crooks. The area has no shortage of conservatives who haven't been convicted of felony corruption charges. They can elect a conservative who didn't let himself become a wholly owned subsidiary of a lobbyist.

By insisting that his cash-collecting, favor-seeking behavior was innocent, Kohring insults all those public officials who have the integrity he lacks. With his defiant protestations of innocence, Kohring is an embarrassment to Alaska.

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