Student artist Forest Davis

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grade: Kindergartner

Courtesy Of Heather Ridgway
Courtesy Of Heather Ridgway

School: Gastineau Elementary School

What his teacher, Shirley Walkush, says about him: "Forrest shows a great amount of interest in art and pays especially close attention to minute details of anything he draws or paints. He enjoys sharing his art, and his classmates always comment on his fine work.

"He even chooses to do art - drawing and painting pictures - during choice time. If its someone's birthday, or a special friend is feeling ill, he will make a picture for them to cheer them up."

What Forrest says: I would like to be a good artist. I like to practice and really try. Drawing with markers and pencils is my favorite. I've been practicing for six years - all of my life!

His favorite artist: My fairy-godmother. Her name is Asha Falcon. She is a very good artist. She draws and paints houses and people. She drew a portrait of me once.

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