2 rescue woman hanging on bridge

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009

ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police want to find and thank a Good Samaritan who helped rescue a woman who tried to hang herself from a bridge.

Sgt. Denny Allen said a woman on Monday afternoon was spotted on the 15th Avenue overpass at A Street at the end of a belt attached to a railing. McNeill called police.

Allen was first to arrive. He says he grabbed the woman by the back of her pants but could not lift her over the railing.

Another woman on the bridge grabbed the arm of the woman hanging by the belt. With her help, Sgt. Allen was able to hoist the other woman to safety.

Allen says the woman might have died if the second passer-by hadn't stop to help. He says he wants to find and thank her.

The injured woman was taken to a hospital.

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