Word of mouth

Posted: Monday, May 22, 2000

For one minute, I would like everyone to look out their window at the beauty that surrounds us. We should really try to get along and work out our differences within this community.

To the person who thinks all kids would be gifted and talented if they received the same opportunities as the gifted kids - all kids wouldn't be great athletes given the same opportunities to play a sport. High IQ scores are rare. Face it, some people are born with a high potential for success in certain things like sports, art, music or academics. The rest of us can try and try but we will not achieve at the same rate or at the same level.

My kid didn't make the team - it's the coaches fault. The two Democratic legislators that I helped elect didn't get Juneau anything this session - it's the fault of the local Republican. Everything is going wrong - it must be the helicopter operators' fault.

Two words for the Peace and Quiet Coalition - ear plugs.

To the caller who was concerned about the helicopters flying over their house after 7 p.m., you should read the voluntary compliance. As long as there is no revenue trip after 7 p.m., the helicopter companies are complying.

So, what is so great about the new airport manager that was worth getting rid of the other one?

I think Word of Mouth is pretty cool.

I really enjoy reading Word of Mouth. But I do think that after the comment, the name of the person that called in should be printed.

What will it take for the board of directors of Huna Totem to listen to the shareholders?

To the person complaining about the bubbles on Seward, find something important to complain about. I like the bubbles.

The environmentalists are falling down on the job. There's a car that has gone into the channel down at the slide area on Thane. The environmentalists should clean up the beach over there.

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