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Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Title and firm: Anne Pittman is the owner of Admiral Signs, a new Juneau business providing lettering, boat names, sign boards, carved signs and even sandblasting of logos and titles into glass doors. Because of the variety and quality of work they can do, most of their business has been repeats, Pittman said.

Their customers to date include Victory Four-Square Gospel Church; Seahook Guiding and Charters; ARMB Tours' motor bus; NGT Tours; Metro Cabs; ERA Helicopters, where they hand-painted an advertisement on the door; and the Juneau Trolley Car Co., where they applied imitation gold leaf to a trolley. "We like challenges," Pittman said of the trolley job.

Quotable: "We do a little bit of all of it."

Biographical information: Pittman, 47, has lived in Juneau since December. She moved here from North Carolina because the family of her fianc, Tom Knightlinger, lives here. "We came to spend some time with his Mom and just stayed," Pittman said. Knightlinger has 30 years experience in the sign business.

In North Carolina, Pittman painted billboards for about five years. "I love art, so signs are a way to express that. In the billboard business, I painted murals, which are called 'pictorials' in the field. I would love to do some here, but haven't had a chance yet."

Services: "We do hand-lettering and we do vinyls, and it seems most people in Juneau like vinyls. Vinyl letters can be applied to vehicles and boats. Your computer generates whatever kind of lettering you want, and then a machine cuts it. Next you weed it - pull away any parts (like the center of an A or O) that don't belong on the finished product. Then you mask it so that the vinyl sticks to tape, and apply it from the tape."

The vinyl Admiral Signs uses is "high-performance," with an average life of seven to eight years.

One of the company's most unusual jobs was flying to Wrangell to letter "Bear Necessities" on a 56-foot bear charter boat.

Contact information: Admiral Signs is located at 2525 Industrial Boulevard above the Sand Bar and Grill. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with additional hours available by appointment.

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