Sacrifice for your kids

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Planned parenthood is a joke. At least it is when planning on having a child around the next available daycare opening. Come on folks, just when my faith in humanity is on the up, May 20th's article on "Fixing Child Care Worries," proves to me otherwise.

It's one thing to intentionally have a child on the year of the dragon in hopes of blessing it with eternal luck. It's another thing seeing a population spike in August or September to secure a child with five years of scarce parenthood - to you I say, grow up! Bringing a child into this world is a fantastic gift that we are blessed with. I realize that people need to put in their 9-5 to attain the first few levels of Maslow's Hierarchy, but dad's fishing boat and that trip to Mexico can wait.

Unlike those in the article, my wife and I were never fortunate enough to plan our children's welcome but upon first glance of our girls, we knew what had to be done. It's been several long and hard years living with mom (bless her soul), living in poverty, driving a rust bucketbut when a stranger comes up to my wife and I to inform us that we have some of the best behaved and brightest girls they've seen (which is often), I am reminded of how it has been worth every bit of our sacrifice.

It strikes me odd that people struggle to solve substance abuse, pregnancy and physical abuse among many other teen and adult problems that plague this country. My answer is simple: Instill your morals and values that you know belong in your child by having one parent stay home. Don't leave this critically important task to a childcare worker who you know little about and is (unfortunately) underpaid and overworked.

As for those parents who continue to correspond their days of ovulation with a daycare opening, maybe Xiaoping was on to something with his one child policy. All joking aside, don't sacrifice your children; sacrifice your toys, keep your wallet in your pocket and raise your own kids. The return will be seen and felt by many in spades. If you doubt me, I am only too willing to show you our proof.

Juan MacFarlane


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