Fishing industry will suffer from pollution

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Alaskans eat a lot of seafood. They also sell a lot of seafood all over the world.

Families go out fishing and fill their freezers, tourists go out and do it for sport, and commercial fishermen make living by selling their catch.

Most fishermen butcher their catch on board as soon as caught to ensure freshness and quality of their product.

They catch the fish in the clean Alaskan waters - or so they thought.

We now come to find out that the ever increasing number of cruise ships have been seriously polluting these waters.

The thought horrifies us.

We are a small seafood company in Juneau and export our fish and salmon caviar to countries all over the world.

Any contamination of seafood exported out of state could seriously harm our company and, in essence, shut us down.

It would affect the whole fishing industry!

There are many other poisons these ships release into the ocean.

Fecal coliform bacteria contamination of fish and shellfish could make the people who eat our food - Alaskans included - sick. It could even kill them.

Our food lives in the water!

But not just our food, it is also the food of marine mammals and countless seabirds. Every living thing will be affected.

Consequences in the long run could be devastating.

Lets make sure that the lawmakers will not allow this to continue in any form at all!

We have to put a stop to this before it is too late.

Elisabeth Babich


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