Shocked but not surprised

Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2002

This is in response to the letter headlined "What's Next?" from Ward Lamb in the May 21 Empire. Has Mr. Ward Lamb ever served in active duty or reserve military of the armed forces of United States or even in the Boy Scouts of America? He would know the value, integrity and honor the U.S. flag holds to a majority of veterans and their families.

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What's next?

I was shocked, but wasn't surprise to learn that Sen. Elton voted against flag resolution even though he has served in the U.S. military. He must have forgotten all those glorious times of saluting Old Glory 24/7. To vote against this after Sept. 11 is very bold on Sen. Elton's part. We have people all around us with different ethnicity showing national pride by putting flags on their homes, cars and businesses. Then you're going to tell us in Juneau that Sen. Elton is going to gain from this?

Cathy Muñoz is correct in her assertion that this isn't a campaign issue, but if she did make it one, it certainly wouldn't be favorable to Mr. Elton. But Ms. Muñoz has too much class to sink a sinking vessel already. I also want to congratulate Sen. Robin Taylor for sponsoring a constitutional amendment against abusing the flag. At least Alaskans could count on the real patriotic party in the times of our national needs. Proud to be an American!

Zarak "Tony" Malacas


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