DOT should think of neighborhood

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Department of Transportation plans to begin May 23, to use chain saws and mechanical brush cutters to clear the vegetation from the edge of Sunny Point's Sunny Drive to, in and up the far bank of the drainage ditch that runs in front of the homes along the drive. This will then be followed by cleaning the ditch with heavy-duty equipment. These trees and bushes provide the homeowners with some protection from the noise and fumes from Egan Drive. Cutting the vegetation will remove this protection.

The neighbors on Sunny Point have tried very hard to work with the Department of Transportation to protect as much of this vegetation as reasonable while making it possible to maintain the drainage ditch and the culverts. DOT has been unwilling to address our concerns.

Some of the home owners have even offered to trim the bushes themselves and work with DOT to save anything they can. We feel that they are treating us like it is out-the-road, where no one lives along the highway, and not a residential street. Our frustration with DOT's flagrant disregard for public comments and the quality of our neighborhood, begs the question: Is it DOT policy to ignore neighborhood concerns?

Mary Lou King


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