Hey pack rat - lose the clutter
Does your office resemble a paper-recycling center with stacks of documents cluttering every square inch of space? If so, you're certainly not alone in your cubicle of chaos.

What were they thinking?

Bridging the gap

Desk jockeys unite!
Cubicle workers of the world - you've heard of an "open-door policy," but how about an open-office policy? Some innovative companies are breaking down walls in favor of a more open floor plan without so-called offices.

Murkowski deserves props for raising toxic-injury awareness
I want to thank Gov. Frank Murkowski for signing a proclamation to declare May Toxic Injury Awareness month in the state of Alaska.

Should we really follow the Bible literally on marriage?
It never fails to amaze me how religious fanatics are always so concerned with other people's sex lives.

There are compelling reasons for the state not to build road
Gov. Murkowski has proclaimed it is in Alaska's best interest to extend the existing Juneau road 50 miles north to a new ferry terminal at Katzehin River across Lynn Canal from Haines...

Digging up some facts on gas taxes
With the price of fuel affecting all of us these days, I thought I'd do some investigating to find out what kind of taxes were influencing the price at the pump.

Borders are an arbitrary basis for defining opinion
On May 2, Rick Kaufman replied to a letter I had written on April 13, regarding aerial wolf hunting in Alaska.

We need to maintain our current roads before building new one
I cannot help but wonder how many proponents of the road extension have driven to the end of our existing road recently.

Tell representatives vote 'no-confidence' in special session
Perhaps if those of us who are very dissatisfied and uncomfortable with Gov. Murkowski and his tactics call their representatives and senators and ask them to have a vote of no-confidence during this special session, we might very well end up with a governor we can trust.

Mines threaten to dig our graves
I am a Bristol Bay fisherman. My way of life, job and my family's existence depends 100 percent on those salmon runs that go up and down the rivers in our region.

'Naked Burning Man party' could lead to anarchy in Berners Bay
If facts are not corrected, Richard Rose's letter to the editor (May 14) could lead to hordes of anarchists heading to Juneau this summer.

Former Juneauite agrees with letter writer
I totally support Tristan Knutson-Lombardo's statement (Letter to the Editor, May 17), in particular, the lack of response and acknowledgment of elected officials.

We need someone to grow a spine and stand up to Big Oil
I have to comment on Gov. Murkowski's petroleum expert-consultant Mr. Pedro van Meurs' comment ("Gas contract made public," May 11) to the effect, "Some governments around the world are trying to woo the companies with lower tax rates."

Assemblyman's housing idea won't work
After reading today's paper (May 16) about the Lena Point Subdivision, I have to voice my total disagreement with Assemblyman Sanford's analogy of the "step up" principal.

Governor turned office into disrespectful, lying dictatorship
Thank you, Karen Martin, for your insight on our governor (May 8).

A missing point from immigration rally
A huge point seems to have been missed at the rally supporting immigrants. Most Americans are descendants of legal immigrants.

It could be said that legislators were P.U.F.F.-ing all night
In reading the recent stories about the oil tax bill, the natural gas contract and the gas pipeline, I think that maybe what we need is a change in terminology. Maybe we are all getting a little too worked up about that little word "tax."

From one Alaska observer to another
I read the Alaska Observer's amazing piece in the Empire on May 4, and I wish to tell you that I totally and completely disagree with all his views on this so-called access road.

It's time to replace Alaska's yesterday man
George Bush, having conned us into this immoral and bloody loser in Iraq, is now looking for a vote-saving way out of this costly mess. Enter Iran.

A recipe for funding 'road to nowhere' may leave sour taste
What is the recipe for securing over a quarter billion dollars for a "road to nowhere" along 36 unpredictable avalanche chutes that is opposed by the three communities it purports to benefit?

City inherits garden legacy
Caroline Jensen didn't simply smell the flowers. She grew them in profusion and shared them with friends, as they recalled Sunday afternoon in her garden.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Photo: Hip to the past
Riverbend Elementary School students perform to Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" during a school play Friday. The play, "Blueberry Pie," starred every student at the school and was written by the school's principal, Carmen Katasse.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Fluoride commission split over city water
The Juneau Assembly likely will get a split recommendation regarding the continued use of fluoride in city water, said Juneau Fluoride Study Commission Chairman Bart Rozelle.

Photo: Barrage of bubbles
Kyle Strong, left, uses an automatic bubble gun while Erick Hernandez Jr. and C.C. Lott chase and pop the bubbles at Twin Lakes on Saturday afternoon with temperatures near 60 degrees.

Seaweed gatherers harvest feast from the beach
It's seaweed season in Southeast, despite reports earlier this month of Alaska State Troopers fining people for picking the aquatic plants from Seward beaches.

School cruise runs aground
Juneau-Douglas High School oceanography students lost only time when their charter boat ran aground in Berners Bay on Friday, their teacher said.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Taku kings for the taking
The Taku River commercial king salmon fishery is opening Monday for the second time in 30 years.

Photo: Getting silly on Sunday
Families join in a sing-along with children's musician Red Grammer during a concert at JRC The Alaska Club in the Mendenhall Valley on Sunday afternoon

Alternative class teaches through service
Some Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School students have been learning this quarter that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in the community.

Ceremony honors Native students
Dozens of people gathered Saturday to honor and celebrate a successful year of Native student achievement.

Around Town
Around town is a listing of nonprofit local events

Ina Lee Foye
Juneau resident Ina Lee Foye, 81, died May 17, 2006, in her home.

Wendell Kim Erickson
Former Juneau resident Wendell Kim Erickson, 66, died May 13, 2006, after fighting a 10-year battle with liver disease and year-and-a-half battle with liver cancer.

Sean Matthew Otnes
Juneau resident Sean Matthew Otnes, 22, died May 18, 2006, in Juneau.

Cartoons by Toe
Cartoons by Toe

Outside editorial: Some amendments make immigration bill untenable
As the immigration bill steams through the Senate with surprising speed, it is acquiring a number of new and unpleasant amendments, mostly designed to placate people who don't really want an immigration bill at all.

Who wants to vote out Santa Claus?
Wow! A state capital budget of $2.3 billion takes care of every inhabited cove and wide spot in the road in Alaska.

Alaska editorial: Opposition to aerial pesticide spraying falls on deaf ears
A lot of people are worried about the Department of Environmental Conservation's decision to allow Klukwan Inc. to spray pesticides by helicopter.

Alaska editorial: State should file new Exxon claims
Should Gov. Frank Murkowski press an additional $100 million of restoration claims arising from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill?

Empire editorial: State, School Board give dropout-reduction a chance
Juneau schools this week breathed what is becoming an annual sigh of relief, when the Juneau School Board restored funding for several positions aimed at curbing a demoralizing dropout rate.

Outsiders: Dean Williams
Outsiders is a weekly profile in the Juneau Empire's Outdoors section.

Toad die-off: Klondike toads have fungus among them
Scouting the ponds for polliwogs is a May ritual for many Alaska Panhandle residents.

Out & About is a listing of recreational activities.

Switzer Creek is a gathering of life
Switzer Creek gathers water from springs and from several streams that tumble off the ridge to the north.

JDHS secures top seed with four-game sweep at Sitka
The Juneau-Douglas High School baseball team will enter the Southeast Conference tournament with serious momentum following a four-game sweep at Sitka.

The Juneau-Douglas High School girls soccer team fell to the Dimond Lynx 2-0 Saturday in the state championship game at Anchorage Football Stadium.

Two Titles for Tyler Dinnan
With a convincing wire-to-wire win in the boys 1,600-meter run Saturday, Juneau-Douglas High School senior Tyler Dinnan proved - without a doubt - that he had returned to the 2006 State Track and Field Championships in Fairbanks fit and in form.

2006 State Track and Field Championships Results
ASAA State Track and Field Championships

JV report: JDHS softball captures three of four games in Anchorage
The Juneau-Douglas High School junior varsity softball team received some stiff competition over the weekend in Anchorage.

Juneau Freewheelers Auke Rec Circuit Race results
Juneau Freewheelers Auke Rec Circuit Race

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau

JDHS softball improves to 17-0
Chalk up four more wins for the two-time defending state champion Juneau-Douglas High School softball team.

Schlechter wins Lena Loop 5K race
Eric Schlechter had two things to smile about Saturday - the beautiful blue-skied weather Juneau received and winning the 5K Lena Loop Race in 20 minutes and 9 seconds.

South beats JDHS boys in OT for state title
The Juneau-Douglas High School boys soccer team's season came to an emotional end Saturday at Anchorage Football Stadium as South Anchorage captured the state championship 3-2 in overtime.

Legal opinions vary on state oil tax freeze
The Alaska Legislature's legal counsel disagrees with the attorney general's view of the state's ability to lock up oil and gas taxes for the next 30 to 45 years.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation and the world

Senate to vote on oil tax bill
Less than two weeks after sinking a proposal to rewrite Alaska's oil and gas production taxes, the state Senate was set to vote on a new version of the bill Monday, day 13 of the special session.

Northwest Digest
Staff reports from around the state/the Northwest

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation, and the world

Alaska Digest
1995 killing revisited

More salmon further north, in Arctic Ocean
Alaskans are heading into another summer of salmon plenty, and by the time commercial fishermen haul in their last gillnet and sportsmen cast their final hook, the catch is expected to top 160 million fish.

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