Motorists should pay attention to cyclists

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Of all the wonderful things that living in Juneau has to offer, bicycling is not one of them. Every day that I ride my mountain bike to work, or anywhere for that matter, I am almost hit by a car. Does living in northerly latitudes mean total disregard for people on bikes?

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I'm from Oregon, and in all the years I've been riding my bike, I have had only one mishap and a handful of close calls. Here in the Mendenhall Valley, close calls are a daily occurrence.

Case in point, recently I was riding to work along the Mendenhall Loop Road. Just past the new high school turnoff, I was telling a couple of little girls, who were riding their bikes, to watch out for cars because they are definitely not looking out for them. Sure enough, as the girls were crossing an arterial road, a man in a 4x4 almost broadsided them.

Put your cell phones, coffee cups and lip sticks down when you are driving people, and watch out. A lawsuit you can't win is more than painful.

Randy Henry


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