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Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Judy Crondahl says she got a quick reaction to highlighting a polemic against cruise ships on the Web page for her downtown bed-and-breakfast.

Soon after making the item more accessible for visitors to the Web site, Crondahl heard from an ``embarrassed'' tour operator who relies heavily on cruise ship traffic. The tour operator requested that she remove the link to his site from her Web page, she said.

``I think what's terribly amusing is that a two-room bed-and-breakfast could be perceived as a threat to this industry,'' said Crondahl, a longtime industry critic. ``I mean, get real. ... They try to get so involved in a community (that) there's no one they can't hurt if they want to.''

John Hansen, president of the North West CruiseShip Association, said he is not aware of any pressure tactics against small tourism entrepreneurs who speak out on cruise ship issues. But Alaska Package Travel of Douglas e-mailed local officials suggesting legal action against Crondahl for what it called ``an attack on the welfare and viability of Juneau's economy.''

Crondahl's cruise ship section leads off with ``Avoid Big Cruise Ships at Any Price!''

``In general, the cruise industry is not comprised of good corporate citizens,'' it says. Crondahl's complaints: Cruise lines are foreign-flagged and exempt from U.S. taxes, they hire Third World workers for less than the minimum wage, and they pollute the environment.

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