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Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2000

I understand why the father of the guy who found the money was upset his son's name was in the paper. But, hats off to that father. He reared a wonderful son. I'm not surprised his son turned in the money, he's been very honest since he was a child. I'm so proud of him and I hope this is an example that the rest of the world will follow.

I agree with the caller who said that not all children are equally gifted. It makes sense, because it's all up to the parents. It all starts in the home.

Thanks to Betsy Fischer for her accurate recounting of what downtown used to be. It's refreshing to see somebody recalls that it wasn't a bed of roses. Things have really improved and we have a beautiful town now. Thanks, in large part, to tourism. (Another caller expressed the same view.)

To all anti-tourists, last Saturday there wasn't a cruise ship in town and you had the town all to yourself. We have a downtown business and we were open all day. Where were you? Fred Meyer, Kmart, Costco? We made $22.32. The only time we see the locals is when they want a donation.

People from the Chamber of Commerce should go easy on the locals. We're the only ones here if they want to stay open in the winter.

Complaining about the bubbles on Seward is such a waste of time. It's so nice to have bubbles down there. Don't move it.

I just returned from the Board of Equalization hearing that the assembly puts on for people who appeal their property taxes. Some assembly members were great and had the courage to really listen to the citizens. But the assessors were really out of line.

I wonder if people realize that some of the best musicians from Los Angeles are coming here with the Bruce Paulson Big Band? We should get out and support these excellent musicians.

Regarding the people suing over the PFD - the 180-day absence thing is an insult to the people who live here year-round. And the military is one of the biggest abusers of the PFD. The Legislature should do something about it by revising the laws regarding the military and shorten the 180-day absence period to 90 days - that's long enough for a vacation.

Tailgaters should back off and drive safely. There's always the next red light coming down the road.

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