Business Profile: Shar Fox

Posted: Thursday, May 23, 2002

Title and firm: Shar Fox is an acupressure therapist and practices craniosacral therapy at Wellspring Inc. Health Care Center, 2231 North Jordan Ave.

Services: Wellspring is a holistic health care center with a naturopathic physician, two nurse practitioners, and acupressure and massage therapists.

When practicing acupressure, Fox uses gentle pressure on specific acupoints, or meridians, which are part of an energy system that runs through the body.

These meridians can become congested from physical or emotional trauma, she said. Fox contacts the energy, facilitating change to occur in human tissue.

"I can actually feel the body get softer," Fox said.

Acupressure requires Fox to use a subtle touch that is not painful. Customers are surprised at how relaxed they become after a session.

"People say they feel more relaxed than they have in a very long time," Fox said.

According to Fox, craniosacral therapy is experiential and difficult to explain with words. She said the cranial bones are connected to the sacrum, which is part of the vertebral column, by a membrane system of connective tissue that houses the brain and spinal cord.

Spinal fluid is pumped through the membranes, creating a rhythm similar to a heartbeat. If a person experiences injury or stress, the pulse can become irregular and weaken. Fox uses her hands to regulate the pulse.

Fox also visits nursing homes and private residences.

Background: A Juneau resident for 30 years, Fox began studying acupressure in 1975. She found she would instinctively put her hands on her children when they were sick and it would help them.

Since then, Fox has trained extensively in the healing arts and has had many teachers. She also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Fox owned a toy store, the Red Balloon, for eight years. She closed it in the late 1980s to do healing work full time.

"I was working on people's shoulders when they came into the store," Fox said. "It feels right to be doing this work. I feel quite fortunate."

Contact information: Call 789-1812 or 586-5683.

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