Painfully obvious

Posted: Thursday, May 23, 2002

It became painfully obvious, while as a spectator for the sputtering end to our 22nd Legislature, that the negotiating tactics, or lack thereof, by the close-minded adversaries of Alaska's welfare procrastinated the session to its sputtering completion.

It was revealing to witness one senator, in the political style of his likely champion, Rush Limbaugh, nearly burst a blood vessel opposing an income tax increase by claiming our governor was going back on his word of "no new taxes" six years ago! To think any state could function in the inflationary pressure of the last six years without a comparable cost increase to voters is phenomenal. But before this circus event I had witnessed an inchoate dissolution of the session when another senator, in monkey-see, monkey-do style, argue opposition to Medicare patient funding of doctor-advised abortions grounded in such treatment being public policy in contrast to the general trend of U.S. states.

The sputtering end to this session may not have been enriching for the majority of Alaskans but this particular Alaskan voter was certainly enlightened!

John S. Sonin


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