Conflicts or not

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Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003

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Conflicting interests

Yes, you do have it right, Richard Schmitz (Letter to the editor, May 21). Assembly member Randy Wanamaker has a conflict of interest and should excuse himself from discussions about mining because he has a business interest in which he and his corporation receive profits from mining. Assembly member Marc Wheeler does not have a conflict of interest and should participate to the fullest extent because his interest in mining uses benefit to the public welfare as its basis. As a "grass-roots organizer for the Sierra Club," Mr. Wheeler does not receive any financial benefit, nor does the Sierra Club, from decisions about mining made by the City Assembly.

If conflict of interest was defined as conflict with the public interest, we would have no discussions in city Assembly, nor any other democratic forum. This is high school civics, Mr. Schmitz. Please review the text.

Jenifer Shapland


According to Assembly member Wheeler, he has never worked in any capacity for the Sierra Club, nor is he a past or current member of that organization. - Editor

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