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Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003

...for helping with Seaweek

DIPAC would like to say a big thanks to the following folks for helping make our Seaweek field trip program a big success this year: Princess Tours for providing transportation for the school classes, Stephanie Hoag of the Juneau School District for her coordination of class scheduling, and Neil Stichert of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for his special assistance in helping us acquire microscope and video equipment through the Alaska Coastal Program to enhance our education technology. A special praise goes to our community volunteers who shared their love of marine biology with our students: Emma and David Deats, Janet, Jacob, Lindey, and Jenna Olstead, and Debbie Douglass. Clay Good of Juneau-Douglas High School also recruited some very special student volunteers from his oceanography classes: Shannon Dore, Adam Fleek, Veroncia Harmon, Greg Pendergrast, and Cindy Pfaff. Last but not least are our volunteer specimen collectors who helped bring life to our touch tanks: George Bonnett, the Steve Olstead family, Cory Sadler, and Dawn Wolf.

Rich Mattson

Education Coordinator

Rob Parsons

Tourism Director


...for donating time

SERRC, Alaska's Educational Resource Center, would like to thank the people and organizations that generously donated their time and expertise to SERRC's All-Alaska Academy.

Designed to enrich the middle and high school educational experience, the All-Alaska Academy provides residential learning opportunities in Juneau and Anchorage to students throughout the state. The All-Alaska Academy is composed of Alaska Close-Up and Junior Alaska Close-Up (a program in which students learn about state government by classroom activities and watching elected officials in action), Government Internship (students work as an intern in the Capitol or with the Legislature), Career Connections (students work as an intern in a private-sector job in Anchorage or Juneau), Technology Training (an intense technology workshop that takes place in Juneau and includes visits to state and other public sector network sites), and Transition Camp (a program that helps special education students transition from school to work).

On behalf of SERRC, the All-Alaska Academy staff, and the students and teachers from Alaska Gateway Schools, Chatham Schools, Craig City Schools, Dillingham City Schools, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Galena IDEA, Kake City Schools, Klawock City Schools, Kodiak Island Borough Schools, Kuspuk Schools, Lake and Peninsula Schools in Anchorage, Lower Kuskokwim Schools, Lower Yukon School District, Nenana City Schools, North Slope Borough Schools, Northwest Arctic Borough Schools, Yukon Flats Schools, Southwest Region Schools, and the Yupiit School District who participated in this year's program; we would like to thank: 25th Alaska State Legislature and staff, Office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska State Court System, Alaska State Museum, the Lemon Creek Correctional Center, University of Alaska Southeast, Alaska Airlines. Bullwinkle's, DIPAC, Cathedral of the Nativity, El Sombrero, Hangar on the Wharf, the Juneau Empire, Juneau International Hostel, Juneau Job Center, KTOO, Miner's Mercantile, Princess Tours, Silverbow Inn and Bakery, Subway Sandwich Shop, and the many other individuals and organizations who have contributed their time, expertise, money, and facilities to make this year's program a resounding success.

Thank you for helping to educate our future leaders.


...for helping the violin program

Auke Bay School would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make our before-school violin program a success.

To Lisa Ibias, we extend our deepest gratitude. Lisa's been our school's violin teacher the past three years teaching four mornings a week and providing instruction for 15 beginner and five intermediate students. Our violin program has been successful, in large part, because of Lisa's love of music and her sense of commitment to our school community. We thank you, Lisa, for your patience and expertise.

Auke Bay School's violin program would also like to extend our warmest thanks to Fred, Roxanne and Franz Felkl. When our program began in 2000, the Felkls donated two violins to our school enhancing our small supply of scholarship violins. In addition, the Felkl family gave us a loaner violin this past school year because our need for scholarship violins had grown. For their generosity and unwavering support of music instruction for the children of Juneau, we are deeply grateful.

Also, thank you, Dick, Julie and Jonathan Schirmer for recently donating a practically new violin to our program. Future scholarship students will greatly benefit from your generosity.

To Lorrie Heagy, JSD music teacher, we also extend our thanks for the loan of a school violin when we found ourselves one short last fall. This loaner violin made it possible for us to meet our commitment that no student shall be denied the opportunity to be in our program because of an inability to rent an instrument.

A belated thank you to Rozwick and Giles for the offer of a rent-free violin for one scholarship student the first year our program was up and running. For this generous offer, we were very grateful.

And, thanks to local string instructor, Greg Burger, for the drop-in violin consultations and same-day repairs made on several of our scholarship violins last fall. You helped us get our violins in good enough shape so that our 2002-03 program could commence on time.

Ann Boochever, Auke Bay school's music teacher, has been the piano accompanist for our student violin performances and for this we feel lucky and extend our thanks.

And to Dave Newton, our principal, we give heartfelt thanks for an unwavering belief in and support of all forms of arts education in our elementary school.

Lastly, thank you, parents. You get those aspiring musicians to class on time and you encourage them to practice their violins. Your efforts and commitment and your children's enthusiasm all greatly contribute to making this program a success.

The Auke Bay School Violin Program

...for helping fourth-graders

From Thursday, May 1 through Friday, May 9, the Juneau School District enabled about 480 Juneau students in 19 fourth-grade classes to experience the bounty of life and interwoven natural systems (and sunshine) on the wetlands as part of their Seaweek curriculum. Many thanks are in order.

First, to all the people who use the airport dike trail and especially dog owners who heeded our request to keep your dogs on their leashes, thank you for being mindful of the students and their learning experience.

Next, the biggest thanks to the wonderful volunteer instructors who taught at the following stations and the agencies and businesses that allowed them time to volunteer:

Geology and Plants: Lance Miller (JEDC), Nancy Waterman, Andy West (Green's Creek), Susan Hitchcock (Army Corps of Engineers), Peter Bittenbender (BLM), Darren Snyder, Randy Wanamaker (Gateway Technologies), Becky Marjerison, Anne Post (ADF&G), Roman Motyka (UAS), Kerry Lear (Green's Creek), and Dave Cox (US Forest Service).

Fish and Invertebrates: John Clark (ADF&G), Fritz Funk, Pat Harris (NOAA) and Bonnie Herbold, Dave Gregovich and Christine Schmale (ADF&G), Craig Farrington (ADF&G), Mike Sigler (NOAA), Joe Orsi (NOAA), Mitch Lorenz (NOAA), JJ Vollenweider (NOAA), Pete Schneider (US Forest Service), Chad Hood (US Forest Service), Sheila Box (DOE), and Jeremy Botz (ADF&G) and Krysta Williams.

Birds: Gwen Baluss (US Forest Service), Laurie Ferguson Craig and Mary Willson, Mark Schwan (ADF&G), Tom Paul (ADF&G), Nina Mollett (NOAA), Doug Woodby (ADF&G), Deb Rudis (US Fish and Wildlife Serv.), Paul Suchanek, Lynette and Bill Cole, Judy Maier, Kristen Romanoff (ADF&G), Jim Fowler, Michelle Kissling (US Fish and Wildlife Serv.), Steve Lewis (ADF&G), and Shirley Campbell.

Thanks to the 19 fourth-grade teachers for preparing their students with classroom instruction and for rounding up adult volunteers to accompany their class and the transportation needed to get their students to and from the airport dike trail. They were: Kathleen O'Daniel (MRCS); Cherry Eckland (HBV); Patrick Moore (HBV); Janalynn Doten (GV); Liz Miyasato (HBV); Ben Kreigmont (Gast.); Joan Rohloff (MRCS); Aimee Rinehart (Riv.); Leslie Roussan (Gast.); Greg Beck (MRCS); Dan Hall (AB); Sarah Satre (AB); Mary Carter (GV); Carolyn Kelley (Riv.); Paula Kalbrener (AB); Ellen Canapary (MRCS); Sharon Denton (GV); Susan Skiman-Jones (AB); and Nina Massey, (Riv.). Another big thank-you to those adult volunteers, mostly parents, who accompanied the students and helped them stay focused and learning.

Finally, thanks to Stephanie Hoag for the magnets, Ann Boochever and Auke Bay School library for the Discovery Southeast bird ID sheets, Laurie Ferguson Craig for her knowledge of the trail, and Marsha Ballard at the Juneau School District for all her help.

Koren Bosworth

and Betsy Brenneman

Fourth-grade Seaweek coordinators

...for the after-prom party

On behalf of the after-prom parent planning committee, we want to show appreciation to the Alaska Club/Juneau Racquet Club and numerous community people who helped put on the recent JDHS after-prom party. We give our heartfelt and huge thanks to the Alaska Club/Juneau Racquet Club for turning over their Valley facility to nearly 400 kids and parent chaperones on Saturday, May 3, for a safe all-night finale to the 2003 JDHS Prom.

This is the seventh year the club has generously given our children a protected environment for a middle-of-the-night party after the their prom. Thanks are due to John McConnochie and the staff at the Alaska Club, particularly Chuck Etheridge and Eileen Wilson, who unhesitatingly agreed again to accommodate the party and provided staff, some who volunteered their own time in the wee hours, to help set up food and activities, supervise and clean up afterwards. Chuck, particularly, by sharing his wisdom and experience from prior years helped make the evening enjoyable and almost effortless!

Thanks also go to Beni Laliberte, who coordinated the efforts to provide a wonderful buffet of food, including ice-cream sundae makings from McDonald's, and to the dozens of people who donated food or money for this feast.

We are grateful to the numerous parents and friends who gave up your Saturday evening and stayed awake and vertical to chaperone until nearly 4 am: Mary Capobianco, Cami Moline, Nico Bus, Mary Jane Tenney, Joyce Lupro, Ann Olson, Katharine and Jim Heumann, Mary Lambert, Jeanette Chase, Mike Heard, Evelyn Ridgeway, Andy Peterson, Beni Laliberte, Bob Williams, Karen Morgan, Heather Brown, Karen Lawfer, Shelley Harmon, Tina & Dennis Laramie, Leslie & Craig Dahl, Chris Blair, Karen and Paul Dillon, Diana Cote and David Wetzel. We could not have done this without you!

And, finally, thanks to the many and generous Juneau business people who donated items and money for door prizes: Northern Hot Spots, Sunburst at the Wharf, Chilly Willys, The Broiler restaurant, Poseidon, Juneau Golf Club, Juneau Drug, The Nugget Sports, Plum Tree, Annie Kaills and others. Thanks to Juneau Community Schools who let us borrow the putters for the miniature golf, and, again to Paul Dillon and Jim Heumann who designed, set up, and took down the miniature golf course. Last but not least, our thanks to the wonderful group of kids - the energetic and the mellow - who came and ate, played and stayed after the prom. It was a wonderful evening and a joy to recognize how many people in our town care about the lives and safety of our teenagers.

The JDHS Parent After-Prom Planning Committee: Joyce Lupro, Ann Olson, Katheryn Hueman, Karen Dillon and Lorilee Nelson

...for turning off the TV

The week of April 21-27 marked the second annual TV Turnoff Week at Riverbend Elementary School. After-school activities included a jump-roping extravaganza, a read-in, and bubble experiments. All events were a success and were well attended. Special thanks to our teachers, staff members and parents.

The culminating event of the week was a barn dance on April 25. Special thanks to caller Odette Foster, fiddle player Tom Paul, piano player Cecily Morris, guitar player John Laskey, banjo player John Church and sound crew John and Terry Laskey.

There were 80 kids, parents and teachers enjoying the live music and dancing. What a memorable evening! Many thanks to John Church for coordinating the barn dance. Special thanks to the Riverbend PTO for providing our refreshments. A good time was had by all!

Vicky McLaughlin

TV Turnoff Committee

Riverbend School

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