Special-session move is not a bright idea

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our new governor may be pretty, but she is demonstrating, once again, that she has the brains of a moron. The latest example: Her suggestion to move the special legislative session to Anchorage to make it easier for Anchorage legislators to attend. Using her twisted logic, our nation's Capitol should move to Wichita, Kan. If Palin's logic makes so much sense, I'm surprised Wichita community leaders haven't done more to accomplish this.

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Palin continues to be flighty in many of her policy pronouncements, but I had hoped she would have picked top advisers who could steer her clear of this nonsense. It is apparently not so.

As a legislator from Nome once said, "No matter where you meet in Alaska, any venue is remote from the rest of the state."

Let's get on with building a new Capitol in Juneau that our entire state can be proud of and stop this nonsense of moving sessions on a personal whim.

David Fremming


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