Thanks to junior Girl Scout Troop 14

Posted: Friday, May 23, 2008

Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies is deeply honored and grateful to Junior Girl Scout Troop 14, nine caring, can-do young women determined to perform a challenging project to earn the coveted Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award.

Over the period of two weeks ending May 4, Emma Good, Kiana Ford, Megan McAllister, Sarah Quigley, Kathryn Vandor, Ruby Steedle, Ali Hiley, Adriana Botelho and Rachel Doogan deemed the AWARE shelter kitchen deep clean and renovation a project worthy of the Bronze Award distinction. These young women assessed, planned, and implemented the physical transformation of AWARE's well utilized kitchen, resulting in a tremendous upliftment for both shelter staff and residents

Troop 14 diligently emptied and scrubbed every inch of the kitchen. Deep cleaning the industrial sized stove and oven would seem to have been enough for a life time achievement award in the eyes of the AWARE staff! The Girl Scouts generously replaced worn appliances or purchased needed ones - a new coffee maker, blender, microwave, mixer, glasses, bottle washer, knobs, pots and pans, sippy cups and more. They installed energy saving light bulbs, hung new kitchen paintings and purchased a new rug. All of these renovations were funded from the hard earned profits of recent cookie sales. The kitchen radiated a newness and light that invited the admiration of residents and staff alike. We are deeply touched by the generosity and elbow grease of these promising young women. We were all left shining and smiling after Troop 14 left their Bronze Award winning touch at our safe shelter.

We also congratulate Gail Ford, Amy Hiley, Anne Kincheloe, Lupita Alvarez, Judy McAllister and Craig Good for their leadership and support in working with Troop 14. The empowerment of these young women inspires the empowerment of all of us at AWARE, and we are grateful for your partnership and support of our work to end violence and oppression.

Saralyn Tabachnick

Executive director, AWARE Inc.


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