Thanks for coming to my 75th birthday

Posted: Friday, May 23, 2008

I would like to give a big heartfelt thank you to all of my special friends who came from Juneau, Sitka, Hoonah, Elfin Cove and Washington and made my 75th birthday absolutely spectacular. Of course, I can't forget the gang from Douglas and P.P. in his pink panties (thanks, Tracy). Talk about entertainment.

Billy Pierre, you honored me with such a wonderful speech (with the help of Mikey from the peanut gallery).

Bob Shorey, John Shedd and Pete Parisien kept us singing and dancing all night to my favorite song, "I Love Humpback Salmon." You guys were great.

To the girls from Terry's Marina B&B, you did a superb job with the decorations and food preparation.

Eddy Spaghetti, thank you so much for providing a place where my friends could recuperate during closing hours.

A very special thank you to my four sneaky daughters, who organized my surprise party and of course lied to me for months to keep it a secret. You're all lucky I love you, or I would have killed you a long time ago.

Thank you for the gifts, flowers and birthday cards from all of my friends who were not able to attend. You were missed.

Lots of love to you all.

Rose Miller

Rose's Bar & Grill


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