Arizona immigration law is not illegal

Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2010

The mainstream media and the Obama administration perpetuate the patently untrue statement that the Arizona immigration law allows officers to stop anyone they suspect is an illegal immigrant. Get on the Internet and actually read the law. What it does is allow an officer to check the legal status of someone who has committed, or is reasonably suspected of committing, a felony or misdemeanor crime or violates a traffic law. The notion that law enforcers can stop someone on the street just because they look to be Hispanic, and then demand they show evidence of legal status, is a myth.

Can this law be abused? Sure. There will always be abusers. But in drafting the law, it's evident that special care was taken to try to balance an effort to curb illegal immigration causing crime and chaos in their state with protection against abuse of authority.

Judy Ripley


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