Thanks for supporting the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks Douglas and Juneau, for making this year's Letter Carrier's "Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive" our best collection year yet. We collected 7,973 pounds of food, almost 2,000 pounds of food more than last year. Thanks to all who put food on, in and near their mail boxes on May 8. Now that this year's Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is over, the letter carriers wanted to say thank you.

We were so pleased to see how many of our customers cared about their community. It was amazing that so many people gave this year. A lot of the walking routes downtown had to make extra trips back to the mail truck just to unload the food they collected. It was great that we could do more for our community than just deliviering their mail. All the food donations were divided up between Helping Hands Food Bank and Southeast Alaska Food Bank. This keeps the food here to help feed the people in our city.

Mr. Darren Adams, who is the operation manager at the Southeast Alaska Food Bank and Mrs. Betty Kaplo, the operation manager for Helping Hand Food Bank were so pleased with all who helped advertise to get the word out and helped support this great yearly event, as was I. This food drive happens every year on the 2nd Saturday in May nation-wide.

We want to give special thanks to Jeff Brown at KTOO for creating and airing a radio public service announcement, that was heard on nearly all the local radio stations. And thanks to Alaska-Juneau Communications, Inc. and all stations affiliated for airing our event. Thanks to Nugget Mall who helped create a window display and to Mendenhall Mall for putting up a banner and signs in the Mall. We also want to thank all our neighborhood grocery stores: Alaskan and Proud, Fred Meyer's, Safeway, Superbear and Walmart, who let us place a postal hamper in their stores for a week for those who did not have a mail box and wanted to give their donation at whatever grocery store they shopped at. And last but not least we want to thank Susan Johnson, Caroly Sapp and Mike Northham who bought hot dogs, chips and drinks for the letter carriers and Mitch at Bullwinkle's Pizza Parlor for feeding all our volunteers tasty pizza. We could not have run a smooth food drive without our volunteers. Also thanks to Sister Moore and Sister Dickinson from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, U.S. Armny Sfc. Thuan Nguyen and his future soldiers Pvt. Joffrey Frye, Pvt. Joshua Ballard, and Pvt. Randy Steel and also thanks to Daisy Troop 4034 Leader Jessica Kwan-Nguyen for unloading from rural carriers' cars and sorting out the food for the food banks. And again thanks to you Douglas and Juneau for your support. Mark your calendar for 2011 for the 19th Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on the 2nd saturday of May. Hope to break another food drive record.

Mark Piotrowski

Drive coordinator, Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive


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