Thanks for helping high schoolers attend 2012 and Beyond

Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2010

On behalf of the Assembly, I would like to express my appreciation to Princess Cruise Lines for providing transportation for high school students attending Juneau 2012 and Beyond at Centennial Hall on May 6.

Our thanks as well to the planning committee: Students Grayson Carlile, Raymond Gregory, Nicole Huntsman, Camille Mauch, Maggie Meiners, and Haley Nelson and school staff Patti Bippus, Kristy Germain, Jim Kuhlmann, Tonja Moser, Graham Storey, and Joyce Thoresen.

Additional thanks to Brenda Lee Vaughn, Angela Hull, Franz Kugelmann Jr. and Lacy Wilcox, as well as our panelists and chaparones. Special thanks to Kate Troll who coordinated the entire event and to Grayson Carlile for his role as convenor.

Bruce Botelho

Mayor, Juneau

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