A report card for Rep. Kertulla

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Letter by Ethan Berkowitz

As minority leader of the Alaska House of Representatives, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rep. Beth Kerttula on a daily basis for the last two years. My report card credits Rep. Kerttula as a hard-working, talented, and effective legislator who, in her first term, made tremendous contributions to Juneau and our state.

For example, as the sole House minority member on the Joint Special Committee on Mergers her tireless effort and detailed knowledge of oil and gas issues were critical and helped lead to a fair resolution of the BP-ARCO merger. Beth stood up and made a difference.

Beth's work to improve cruise ship reporting brought the issue to the forefront of the legislative agenda and, as a member of the conference committee on the non-tanker spill legislation, she helped create the Task Force on Motorized Oil Transport that will guide us forward on this issue.

Beth was a key player in getting the Legislature to fund the state employee contracts this session. Her deep commitment and understanding of the issues made a difference at critical times during the waning hours of the session.

Beth Kerttula possesses a rare mix of political savvy and insight into our state and its future. While I agree with a news report that characterized Beth as ``razor sharp,'' I also know her as a caring and compassionate legislator who works hard for her constituents - Juneau is lucky to have her.

Ethan BerkowitzHouse Minority Leader

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