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Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2000

So, you think the military abuses the PFDs? Well, you stand 91 hours of duty a week and be willing to go to war at a moment's notice for little pay and see how you feel when Alaska says that you weren't here long enough.

If you claim Alaska as your residency, then live here. Why should people receive PFDs if they are only coming back here to fill out the paperwork for the dividend. What a life.

Outgoing Sen. Mackie gets a job with Alyeska Pipeline. No conflict of interest, no good old boy network. Not here, no way.

I'm glad somebody acknowledged the $22.32 that I spent downtown. I'm also grateful to all the businesses that contribute to the nonprofit organizations with donations. Hats off to them. The whole community appreciates it.

The reason I didn't come down to your downtown tourist shop last Saturday is because I didn't have any extra money to buy a Juneau T-shirt or a 3-inch totem pole made in Taiwan.

I still haven't figured out how limiting helicopter tour flights will put local downtown companies out of business. I don't see the correlation.

Back in the good old days - before the greenies, tourists, flightseeing, tailgaters and skateboarders - we would settle our differences by going down to South Franklin Street and punching it out in front of the Ox.

Right, I agree with the My Turn that when I am on the trail the noise from auto traffic, trucks, construction sites and lawnmowers bother me a lot. Think about it, one of the reasons I am on the trail is to get away from that noise. Helicopters, essentially, follow us into the woods.

The article about pet shop conditions is right on the mark. People who buy from brokers are still buying from puppy mills. Get your dog from a shelter or directly from the breeder.

Two friends and I went to see the U.S. Air Force Band at the high school. Great band and fun entertainment. What a shame that it was poorly advertised and the room was practically bare. Free entertainment that was too good to be missed was missed.

This school district takes unfair advantage of the fact that many parents don't understand what special education is suppose to be.

There's something screwy with the system here. The doctors and hospitals say that breast-feeding is good for the baby but then Alaska Temporary Assistance Program says I have to go back to work or I'll lose my benefits.

What is it with these tourist type travelers likening every little cruise ship mishap with the tragedy of the Titanic?

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