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Posted: Thursday, May 24, 2001

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Thank you to the Juneau community from the Juneau Montesourri School. We had the lumber from our parking lot stolen last week, and we have had so many calls from people wanting to donate lumber or pay for the lumber that was stolen. It has been heartwarming how wonderful the Juneau community has been.

Sharlyn Berning

I've really been enjoying the Teachers' Making a Difference advertisements and as a support staff person at one of Juneau's public schools, I see every day the awesome job that our teachers do and wish them great luck in their negotiations.

Cristina Della Rossa

I'd like to thank Capital Transit for the new bus schedule where the bus runs every half-hour, instead of every hour. It's made it quite convenient and practical for us to ride the bus, and I'm really enjoying riding it.

Ellen Pavitt

We may have missed the item in our local paper, but we wanted to note Bill Lockhart's recent induction into the Gold Medal Hall of Fame. Older locals will recall Bill as one of the oustanding Crimson Bear basketball players of the 1960s, and a gold medal outstanding player for decades since. Congratulations Bill, from all of your old Juneau friends. This is a much deserved recognition.

Joe Riederer

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