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Posted: Friday, May 24, 2002

Spring King Derby standings change

JUNEAU - Louie Russo brought a 36.4-pound salmon to the Taku Fisheries weigh-in station this morning, moving him into third place in the Spring King Salmon Derby.

Russo's fish is behind David Julian's 41.88-pounder and Robert Smith's 37.4-pounder.

Harold Wheaton remains the oldest veteran to weigh in a fish. Wheaton, 83, brought in a 23.1-pound king May 18.

The derby, with a top prize valued at $8,000, ends May 31. It raises funds for the sponsoring group, the Tlingit-Haida Central Council Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program.

Prizes are awarded for the top 30 fish. The cutoff weight as of this morning was 28.9 pounds.

Windfall Lake trail undergoing repairs

JUNEAU - For the next few months, the Juneau Ranger District will continue construction on Windfall Lake Trail up to the first major bridge.

According to Terri Campbell, assistant trails program manager, the local group Trail Mix is working with the ranger district to add more gravel tread and slightly reroute the trail where it wanders too close to the river bank.

"We will bring the trail uphill a little bit, maybe 4 or 5 feet from the edge so it doesn't keep sloughing off," said Campbell.

Campbell said the district would also like to improve crossings by adding handrails and bullrails, which are short kick rails on either side of the trail. Construction began several years ago, when the Forest Service put down planking and boardwalk and laid gravel tread the first 3,000 feet. Last year, another 1,300 feet was graveled, and this year the work will extend to the first bridge.

Campbell warns those driving to the trailhead to watch out for trucks hauling gravel and equipment to the site.

"Equipment will be down there beginning next week," said Campbell. "The road is not in very good shape. Drive slowly."

Helicopters will also fly gravel to the trail, and workers will use chainsaws, axes and other equipment. Hikers should get the crew's attention so they can put their tools down before hikers pass.

Campbell added many changes to local trails can be attributed to the arrival of Trails Program Manager Doug Blanc, who recently joined the Juneau Ranger District from the Chugach District.

"We're going to see some great improvements in the next few years," said Campbell.

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