Bush's actions won't spark Muslim violence

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mr. Mallet wrote a letter (April 16) in which he took me to task for my support of President Bush in the war on terror. Mr. Mallet referred to me as being "myopic and misguided," my beliefs nonsense and my views as that of an "arrogant American." His letter continued with "facts" to refute my position.

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Well, Mr. Mallet is entitled to his opinion of me, which I dismiss as being gratuitous insults and beyond his competence to judge. But he is not entitled to his own "facts." And while his letter reeks of anger, bitterness and frustration - conditions which are of little interest and no consequence to me - it is necessary to refute his pretense of factual argument.

Space limitations will not permit a full exposure of Mr. Mallet's duplicity, but as an example, I will note that his pretended quote of Secretary of State Colin Powell saying his speech to the United Nations was the worst day of his political career, is a complete fabrication, as can be shown by an Internet search and an e-mail inquiry to the U.S. Department of State. He never said it.

And the rest of Mr. Mallet's letter is equally vacuous, which is perhaps just as well because it would leave any reader unconvinced. Lies, distortions, hyperbole and reckless attacks are not a sound rebuttal - apparently a concept beyond Mr. Mallet's comprehension.

It is outrageous for Mr. Mallet to claim that something done by President Bush will cause "billions of Muslims" (Muslims do not exist in the billions - best estimate 1.3 billion) to rise up in war and terrorist acts. The vast majority of Muslims are just like the rest of us decent human beings, who are preoccupied with their personal aspirations and struggles in furtherance of a more civil society. To accuse them of being potential terrorist and warmongers is nothing more than hate speech, with the result, intended or not, of inciting hate in return. And that, Mr. Mallet, is a disgusting exercise.

Andrew Pope


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