Lake issue an example of what's going on

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Auke Lake is a good example of what's going on in this town.

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If anyone flies in or out of Juneau, all he or she can see are trees and lakes. So a few birds decide to make their stop over at Auke Lake, and that gets these few prudes running their mouths about what's good for the public. They have cut off every access to the beach and the woods, and now they try to stop people from using their boats on Auke Lake. What about the planes that land and take off from Auke Lake? Are they going to be removed? Or are they OK, because they belong to someone who lives on the lake?

We, the public, allow for sexual preference and political views at the Fourth of July Parade (a family outing). And we, the public, seem to be allowing these prudes to shut down our rights to land- and water-use. It's got to stop, and we need to change the people in office.

Doug Cooper


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